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My first write up for Komedyisnojoke

Komedyisnojoke is a space where I intend to share my passion for all things related to stand-up comedy and express my deep respect for the talented Indian comics who have carved their niche in the world of comedy.

I aim to bask in the sinister brilliance of these comedians, shedding light on their twisted journeys, showcasing their performances that send shivers down our spines, and exploring the impact they have had on the comedy scene, not just in India, but beyond its borders.

So, whether you're a seasoned fan or new to the world of stand-up comedy, join me as we delve into hilarious anecdotes, thought-provoking observations, and the laughter-inducing brilliance of stand-up comedy. Also, I don't have money so you'll find a lot of free stock images XP, cheers!

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